I'm Matt.


I live in Connecticut.

I enjoy music, beer, and hockey!

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I gave up long ago,
thought you’d never show.
I saw your face shine like the sun,
it glows, thought I’d let this go.

Your depression shows when you talk about home.
You said: “I can’t wait to leave this town and go away on my own”.

And the thought of it shakes all my bones,
in this weak body I used to own.
I can’t do this alone.

Rest now for you lie in the arms of another man hand in hand,
you’re much more safe now,
though compared to these hands that would smother your plans.
I just hope you’re better off.

This time I’m on my own. [x2]

I always see you in my sleep,
it goes on and on until I’m waking.
It’s hard to get by these days,
it goes on and on until I’m breaking.

I can’t think of a single thing out there that can soothe,
I’ll just fork my head all day until I can’t move.

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Pink! 😍



i just wanna cuddle naked with you and see who gives in first tbh

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Send me a color!


Scarlet - II wanna fuck you

Teal - I wanna fuck you

Red - I wanna fuck you

Orange - I wanna fuck you

Pink - I wanna fuck you

Yellow - I wanna fuck you

Purple - I wanna fuck you

Blue - I wanna fuck you

Lilac - I wanna fuck you

Brown - I wanna fuck you

Green - I wanna fuck you

Black - I wanna fuck you

White - I wanna fuck you

Lavender - I wanna fuck you

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I almost died laughing.

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Tattooed Tears // The Front Bottoms


Tattooed Tears // The Front Bottoms


we’re like 4 days into the playoffs and we’ve already had 2 fines, 4 OT games, and a suspensionable hit where is my drink


Streetlight Manifesto at Sunfest Postcards, 2014

Ink Pens and Photoshop